Ghost in the Ware House

My husband, is a Southern Bubba with a belt, and a fantastic guy, but he does not believe in ghost, spirits, any name he does not believe in them.  Me, well I was born one minute after midnight, and not only do I see dead people, I like it!   I tell him about some of the sightings and he just poo poo, that’s a southern thing. 

Several years ago, I took a trip to Texas with my children to do a favor for a relative, anyway, my husband stayed at home and worked on the night sift.

When I stopped the first night to rest with the children I called my husband at home.  He was working and said something to me about a radio left on in the house.  I was tired and didn’t really pay attention to the comment .  I told him that I would call him when we arrived at the relative’s house sometime the next day.

So, I called him just as I said I would, and he was very very angry with me. { I am a practical joker.}  He said that I had better tell him where the radio, or television was that I had left on in the house, just to piss him off!  I told him that, I had not left any radio, or television anywhere in the house . My next question was what was the sound, and where was he hearing the sound.  He told me that when he came in from work in the early morning hours that he was hearing  people talking in our kitchen–like there was a party going on in the kitchen.  He said when he went to our bedroom the sound got so loud he had trouble sleeping as a matter of  fact he had not had a good night sleep since I left for Texas.  I then explained to him that he had just had his first encounter with the ghost on Ware.


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my first post…

This is my first blog, a virgin experience for me, and I’m rather nervous.  My family laugh about my lack of technology savvy, but I have other talents. { Who cares if you can’t tweet , if you know how to cut the storms, or bind an enemy.}

My  daughter, who is exceptionally intelligent, tells me that  I should start my blog by telling you, dear reader, about me, and then about what I want to share with you.  Okay so here goes, I am shall we say, over twenty-one, oh hell, I’m way over twenty-one. We live in the most amazing place on this earth we live in the south, on a little over ten acres on top of a mountain, here we call it a hill. There are all sorts of creatures that share the property with us five dogs, three cats, four chickens, fish, plus we have animals that wander up or are dumped on our property.  {No I am not a horder of animals, but if they are passing though my land, I will share some grub, and water, and a quite place for them to rest until they are ready to move on. }  We have foxes, hawks, rabbits, turtles,snakes, and various and assorted other friends.  Which brings me to another point, my daughter says that I remind her of the witch in the Thomasina movie.  Well she is right ….I am a witch, and I do live in the woods.  I have been a sole practitioner for may years, I have traveled widely in the United States, Puerto Rico, South America, Mexico, and Canada.  And witnessed, and participated in many forms of pagan arts.  Religion is a fascination for me.

Oh, Hell, I wandered off the path, and I’m  sorry I tend to do that sometimes. My blog will be about living off the land, making things from what we grow, homes hooling , complain about my daughter going away to college, although I’m  so very proud of her in so many ways, and learning to be a better parent to my teenage son {who is awesome,too.}  Oh and lets not forget there will be magic, lots, and lots of magic.  

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.  This has been my mantra since I was seven years old, and I want to share with you some of my knowledge that I have gathered over the years that I have been on this Earth, this time.  My blog will be a wide variety of subjects such as astrology, tarot, creeds, fortune-telling, ghost hunting, books well meet, and even preparing for feast.  I hope that if you are open-minded, and willing to take a few minutes of your time to read my post , that  I can encourage you to think way outside of your comfort zones.  I  think  that you will come away with something to share, and ponder on for a while.

“Hear now the   words of the witches, the secrets we bid in the night, when dark was our destiny’s pathway, that now we bring forth into the light.” 


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